Fiber is the name given to a group of colored and colorless substances whose length is much longer than their width that has the ability to twist, stick on each other with stretching and tensile strength.  With usage of different raw materials and temperatures and different fan settings; softness, hardness, thickness, thinness, flexibility and flatness features of fibers can be changed.

Size: 320cm
Weight: 50 g/m²-500 g/m²

Furniture and Bed
Home Textile
Work clothes

Our fiber types, which are mainly used in the furniture and home textile industry, are as follows.

Wadding Fiber: It is used in furniture, filter, quilting, and bed production.

Thermo and Ironed Fiber: It is used in bed covers.

Silicone Fiber: It is used in garment and quilt production.

Ball and Silicon Filled Fiber: It is used as a pillow filling fiber.