BASAL Spunbond nonwovens are produces with world-class raw materials. In line with our aim to produce quality products that focus on supporting human health and meeting hygiene standards, only 100% original Po¬lypropylene is used during production process. BASAL Spunbond nonwovens are produced in line with the “Edana” standards and “Oeko-Tex” directives.


BASAL Spunlace nonwoven fabrics are produced in new and advanced technology production lines under hygienic conditions with natural and synthetic fiber raw materials.

Our products can be customized in different color and width combinations with different properties such as particle-free feature, liquid repellency, liquid absorbency, softness, hardness, flexibility, order to meet customer needs.

BASAL Isocover Under Tile Covers add liquid impermeability to tile-covered roofs thanks to its special formula developed against water leaks that frequently occur on tile-covered slopping roofs in the times of heavy rain and snow accumulation.


BASAL has Hotmelt Lamination and Coating-Plastering lines in its production facilities. Fabrics, films, and glues used in lamination have different properties according to the intended use of the product


This production technique is used as interior trim lining in furniture production.

It is also widely used in leather sub-floorings. This production technique is also known as “soft felt” in the industry.


BASAL’s Polyethylene & Peva film products, which are produced with the “Cast” film technique, offer high strength, liquid tightness, and airtightness even at low weights thanks to the special recipes and the techniques we use during production.


Our company can also provide Velcro, PVC, Zipper, and Zipper Puller along with our product groups upon the request of our customers.


Mattress Protector is a liquid-proof fabric produced by laminating different types of terry fabrics with different types of films using “Hot Melt or Coating” methods.


Flexo Printing Technique can be applied on our products, in line with customer request. The technique can easily be applied onto many different materials. In Felxo Printing Techniques, the pattern is engraved on the cliche as bulges, and these bulges transfer the ink on to the material to be printed.


Ultrasonic Quilting is a production method made by Spunbond or by combining different fabrics alone or by ultrasonic processing in 2-3 layers. Quilted products are especially used in furniture and bed production as well as saddle bags in home textile.
14 different patterns and 4 different groups are available in BASAL’s ultrasonic quilting production lines.


Digital printing technique can be applied on the materials resistant to 220ºC heat and above.

Diaper backsheet, quilted bedspread, children’s play tent, tablecloths, baby bibs, slippers, kitchen aprons, children’s play mats can be produced from our digitally printed nonwoven materials.


Fiber is the name given to a group of colored and colorless substances whose length is much longer than their width that has the ability to twist, stick on each other with stretching and tensile strength. ¬¬ With usage of different raw materials and temperatures and different fan settings; softness, hardness, thickness, thinness, flexibility and flatness features of fibers can be changed.