100% Polypropylene And First-Class Raw Materials

Our nonwoven spunbond production is manufactured using 100% polypropylene and first-class raw materials. Because of our objective to produce health and long-lasting, quality products, we only manufacture single and standard quality with 100% polypropylene. The topic we most value while producing Spunbond at our facilities is to bring forth products in accordance with “Edana” standards and the “Oecotex” certificate. The width of our spunbond production lines are 160 cm – 250 cm – 320 cm and are produced in SS, SSS, and SMMS technologies. We have production in different width combinations from 160 cm -250 cm – 320 cm. Particularly thanks our SSS production, product advantages are presented for sectors looking for high homogeneity and durability. Our production grammage ranges between 10 gr/m2 and 160 gr/m2, and we produce in approximately 25 standard color tones. Special color production is available as per the order your place in adequate tonnage.

  • UV
  • Antistatic
  • Hydrophilic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Fr
  • Coating Lamination
  • Hotmelt Lamination
  • Ultrasonic Unification
  • Hydrophobic
  • Print
Medical It is used for products like caps, mask, aprons, gurney covers, and sterile packaging.
Insulation It is used to provide for moisture balance in addition to heat, water, and noise insulation.
Agriculture It is used to protect agricultural products from harmful sun rays, poor weather conditions, and insects.
Promotion It is used in many bag and promotional belongings.
Furniture It is used during manufacturing in internal dressing, shunts, and lower bases. It is used as packaging to protect ready products.
Automotive Used in seat and car covers.
Home Textiles Used in quilt and pillow cases.